Norgey Leadership

Norgey Leadership aims to strengthen your leadership (teams) in a context of strategy implementation. Hence, this is about common believes and understanding, different styles and techniques, engagement and communication, attitude and behaviour, setting examples and taking your own part in it.

It is important to get aligned not only on the ‘why’ and ‘what’, but also on the ‘how’. At least roughly, the rest is about mutual trust and personal accountability. Interesting matter, right? What about the question ‘is the team fit for purpose, or do you need a lever for making (more) progress?’.

Based on our proven method, we can customize a programme through one or more of the following topics.

  • One mission, one team
  • Living your core values, choices and consequences
  • Personal engagement
  • Self-reflection and sparring
  • Situational leadership (styles)
  • Empowering people
  • Role / team development roadmaps
  • Governance structure ( development heartbeat)
  • Strategic partnerships

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Preparation & Planning

Norgey | Vision
Norgey | Proposition
Norgey | Route

Execution & Developing

Norgey | Leadership
Norgey | Sales
Norgey | Innovation

Depending on personal need and ambition, these products can be chosen separately or combined, with the corresponding topics composed into a customized approach. Like ‘plug and play’. In every case and for all mentioned topics, we can inspire, coach, facilitate and/or accelerate your way to a sustainable growing business and building a strong brand, giving our broad experience and reference material in all this matter.

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