Your trigger is performance

Revenue and/or margin growth is often a driver for change and development. Good financial management, business controlling and commercial optimization is a common thing to go after. However, your companies’ balance in volume and profit are a result of the way you run your business and what you focus at. So, if you want to change the metrics more significantly, you’d better look at the big picture and your strategic focus.

However, what holds in general, is not necessarily the case in your situation. Look for yourself where you find untapped potential:

  • How come our margin is under constant pressure?
  • How can we gain more sustainable profit?
  • How strong do our short term top-line targets affect our long term strategy implementation?
  • How flexible are we while assuring a solid bottom-line result?
  • How much can we grow with our current business and customer base?
  • What is the quality and value of our expected revenue increase?
  • Do we have or attract the right people?
  • How can we make our management, salesforce, training, development, recruitment and innovation more effective?
  • How can we drastically change the cost of sale and marketing?

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