Business Development and Innovation

Our business development offering aims to define multiple value propositions based on your (desired) positioning and brand identity. The deliverable gives a clear overview of a service offering in the mix of value adding roles that your company (tends to) fulfil. The corresponding business models are clearly defined.

At an ongoing, hands-on level, our role is to advise, accelerate, structure and/or embed business development processes in your organization. Where innovation is eminently a multi-disciplinary activity, we support a value creation framework, progress and commercial viability.

In many cases, (potential) partnerships come around the corner here. With our collective network, we have connected the dots more than once and thus helped to create new business initiatives and ventures.

Based on our proven method, we can customize a programme through one or more of the following topics.

  • Value mapping and solutions portfolio
  • Service offering development
  • Business model innovation
  • Social impact development
  • Partnership development
  • Value chain integration and digitization
  • Networking and peer groups
  • Strategic investments
  • Quarterly explorer (a series of events, IaaS)
  • Annual summit (a yearly event)

Our specialty products

  • 12 months subscription
  • Business development challenger sessions
  • Leadership coaching
  • In-house tailormade program
  • 1 year subscription
  • Business innovation challenger sessions
  • Leadership coaching
  • In-house tailormade program

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