Norgey Vision

Norgey Vision aims to define a clear and distinct positioning in the market based on core strengths and assets. The deliverable gives a compelling yet realistic and authentic answer to the question ‘where are we 36 months from now?’

Important is the shared vision and ambitions of your leadership team and company owners along. By exploring the different topics thoroughly together, the outcome will be consistent and in-dept. Our principle thinking is that the more focus is given, the stronger your brand will grow and resonate with customers recognizing your added value, whatever it is. However, what are the consequences and are we all willing to accept these?

After a relatively short but intense series of workshops, the outcome of Norgey Vision will provide you with a minimum three-year leverage for clear decision making, storytelling and business development guidelines.

Based on our proven method, we can customize a programme through one or more of the following topics.

  • Focus
  • Core competence
  • Brand identity
  • Mission
  • Positioning
  • Value adding roles in the market
  • Ambitions

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Preparation & Planning

Norgey | Vision
Norgey | Proposition
Norgey | Route

Execution & Developing

Norgey | Leadership
Norgey | Sales
Norgey | Innovation

Depending on personal need and ambition, these products can be chosen separately or combined, with the corresponding topics composed into a customized approach. Like ‘plug and play’. In every case and for all mentioned topics, we can inspire, coach, facilitate and/or accelerate your way to a sustainable growing business and building a strong brand, giving our broad experience and reference material in all this matter.

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