Your trigger is strategy

Over years, many companies find themselves in a corner where multiple providers offer more or less the same. Where quality, product knowledge and smooth customer communication are seen as ‘prerequisite’ through the eyes of a customer. Yet, when asked about added value, many companies respond with an answer that starts with the word ‘our …’. In that case, it’s better to go a step further. Imagine, with a knowledgeable outside-in perspective, what positive impact can you have at business or personal level of your customer? Or, what role can you play together in order to create any new business opportunities?  

However, what holds in general, is not necessarily the case in your situation. Look for yourself where you find untapped potential:

  • Where are we 36 months from now?
  • What is our vision of the nearby future and what is our common mission in this?
  • What’s our ‘winning’ core process?
  • What do we stand for, what do we do best and how does it show?
  • How does our daily business reflect our (desired) brand?
  • What is our main asset and what do we do with it?
  • What do we need to develop in order to capitalize more on our main asset(s)?
  • Are we of added value or do we create any new?
  • What is the ultimate value proposition in our focus segment(s)?
  • Is our business model fit for exponential growth or linear growth?
  • How are Brand Identity, Value Creation and Route Thinking connected within our strategy?
  • Who is our no.1 customer and who is our no. 1 competitor in 3 years’ time?
  • How is our financial planning connected to product- and organization development?

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