Your trigger is leadership

Most board members or management team members represent a certain functional domain. I.e. commercial, ict, finance, operations, etc. Usually, that’s fine in a steady-state environment to run a healthy business. But, in a constant changing market, pushing and pulling technological innovations, evolving customer relationships and value chain integrations, strong leadership is a must. Needless to say, one strong vision and one voice for the team is crucial to engage and develop the organization and build a brand.  

However, what holds in general, is not necessarily the case in your situation. Look for yourself where you find untapped potential:

  • How strong is our leadership team in line with our mission?
  • How well are we making choices and willing to accept the consequences?
  • What are we going to stop doing?
  • What can we do more to engage employees, partners and customers with our strategy?
  • How is our culture a representation of our Brand Values?
  • How are we going to translate our Brand Identity into customer experiences?
  • As a leadership team, what is our role in developing new business and partnerships?
  • How do we create momentum for growth and development of our organization?
  • How do we develop a strong and scalable organization?
  • How do we provide structure for continuous learning and development?

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