We help companies to build a strong brand and achieve sustainable growth. Crafting your own brand story, value proposition and let it work by implementation and development of your sales and marketing organization. Not only for today’s business, but also to drive a leading market position tomorrow.

Through our work, we want to grow a better world on a leveraging scale with meaningful impact.



Crafting your go-to-market strategy

What you bring to the market and why, requires a clear message and value proposition. We dare to challenge and enhance that. Find your core strengths, shape the future accordingly. Focus. The outcome is a strong (new) brand identity, a distinctive positioning and a well-aimed market approach. A shared vision on the route to success makes it complete.

Our philosophy is beautifully simple: successful companies put a coherent and powerful go-to-market strategy at the heart of their operations and decision-making. This ensures a clear and valuable guidance for both outside-in and inside-out development for a period of at least – say – three years.

Crafting your sales and marketing organization

Our mission is to make your sales and marketing organization the winning factor for your future business. Because a successful go-to-market and the way you sell is for a great deal determined by ‘how’ you approach the market and your clients and create recognizable value accordingly. We help to define and train that.

However, there is a crucial difference between knowing how to do it and actually doing it: for predictive and sustainable results, it is required to develop a strong commercial DNA in the roots of the organization and the people living it. A well-thought governance model (your sales heartbeat) and individual on-the-job coaching will ensure the most tangible value to customers and the company.

Crafting your (future) business

A successful go-to-market approach is not a one-off event. Being relevant in a continuous developing market, playing a leading role going forward and entering new areas together with your clients, is a continuous process. This makes your go-to-market approach a dynamic part of your leadership. Not that your strategy changes all the time, as your strategy is to challenge the status quo. Hence, developing your business and innovating your service offering is part of the bigger picture.

Understanding market trends, activating customer’s latent needs, crafting your value proposition portfolio, it all puts you on top of the business operations and the strategic clients. So, you get most value out of your leading position and the margin for growing revenue on short- and mid-term.

We are here for leaders that care and want to push boundaries to make positive impact. Typically mid-sized companies and large enterprises, autonomous and privately owned.

Going the extra mile, carving the bigger picture, setting a higher goal, integral approach rather than suboptimal, challenge to make clear choices and willingness to accept the consequences

Call to action
Empathetic, custom made and personal, on-the-job, consistent, result-driven, analytic, small steps at the time, patient but persistent, commitment

Being relevant
Effective, analysing first, in-dept, adding value, creating new, outside-in perspective, purpose driven, sustainable, social, engaged

What can you expect?
We are at our best if we can combine business coaching, leadership and on-the-job sales training and coaching. In order to make it happen and to create sustainable value for your team, business unit or company. It is the result that counts, not the effort. For you, that matters.

Our services

Go-to-market Strategy
We provide advisory, facilitation, creative design, storytelling

Sales and Marketing Development
We provide advisory, training, coaching, implementation, e-learning, online services

Business Development and Innovation
We provide advisory, facilitation, partnerships