Our philosophy

Strong market positioning and sustainable growth: the need for exponential acting, collectively

Our world changes rapidly. Technological and social developments cause continuously evolving demand and supply. Spectacularly fast growing new entrants in disruptive markets and the decline of well-established companies and brands, it happens every day. What is your perspective?
Only with a strong brand and corporate identity and with a true value proposition, you can dominate a market and grow. Of course, a good product or service is essential, but not enough. How much positive impact can you make on the business of your customers and the value experience of the customer of your customer based on an integral service offering together?
Linear business development is probably not quick enough. You’re in a corner of margin pressure and strong dependency on economic movement. A significant shift up the value chain and continuous innovation of your business is required, in a way that you can accelerate and pick up an exponential growth path for a selection of value propositions. But where to start, how to lead the process and how to empower exponential growth?

Building a strong brand and have impact: use an outside-in perspective and make clear choices

If your product or service is new, it might give an advantage. But not for long. And, in addition, ‘just a good’ product does not surprise your customer anymore and he does not want to pay any extra for it. In order to do so, you’ll need to give your customers a personal, positive surprising and value-add experience. Sounds logical, but how do you develop your firm from a mere inside-out expert oriented organization with ‘satisfied’ customers towards a unique customer experience oriented organization creating brand-loyal fans?

By close and continuous alignment of leadership, operations and (latent) customer needs, an organization can grow organically in the field of choice and get recognized in the market for its congruent way of delivering a promise. Challenge and empower your management and people to be both excellent and distinctive in a commonly shared customer approach, and you will be returned with loyal and well paying customers.

Customers can sense the difference: if you lead with passion, go that extra mile and want be relevant, your people will serve with pride and will attract more people and even customers in contributing to the mission. It’s a simple given, but not (yet) given to a lot of leaders or companies.

External business partner: our call to action (and results).

Unlike most consultancy’s, trainers and coaches, Norgey is about providing inspiration, guidance, challenge and support in a way to be most relevant and with the highest positive impact on your business. Each step in itself adds value, being a guideline or an act.

Preferably a thought leader, enabling you and your people to develop and grow by yourselves sustainably. Hence, you lead your own program and Norgey helps you to drive all development programs, i.e. scenario planning and decision making. And yes, also providing proven methods to consult, lead, train and coach wherever you require us to step in. After all, there is more to training and workshops in order to make it happen.

Norgey’s business model is based on added value and growth. Our aim is not to maximize hours and working days, but adding significant and tangible value instead. A return on investment of more than 300% within a fiscal year is very common.

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