Our Background

Organizational development and change

With a collective 100+ year experience in managing change and productivity improvements, we have learned what elements are crucial to take into account and how to develop them. Such as business processes, information systems, governance models, organization structure, leadership (commitment), culture, personal competences and development, management development in combination to the fundamental principles of change management. Our integral approach in optimization programmes have historically delivered significant, tangible and sustainable results.

Sales and marketing improvement

With a long track record of sales and marketing improvements, we lead in the design, training and implementation of a strong and common commercial DNA within your organization. Besides the common development of techniques, we create an intrinsic highly motivated sales force and provide intensive on-the-job coaching to reach sustainable growth of revenue and margin.

Strategy design and implementation

Through working in the field of sales, marketing and customer experience for so many different organizations, we became highly trained in quickly understanding how to have a positive impact on customers and how to create value. We have developed our own models and methods in order to help you benefit from this collective experience to enhance your brand identity, value proposition and market positioning. This way, together with all your fellow strategic stakeholders, we can help you to gain a clear focus at where you want to bring your company in the next – say – 36 months, and how.

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