Norgey Sales

Norgey Sales aims to improve your time-to-market and marketing and sales effectiveness, i.e. a higher conversion ratio of all marketing and sales effort, as well as to gain a reliable forecast from your team. Our total solution addresses different aspects of the game such as online vs offline channels, marketing and sales alignment, smart sizing of the salesforce, effective personal development, the storytelling and pitching, value propositions, the sales management structure and tooling (i.e. CRM systems).

Where we find sustainable development and (short-term) results equally important, we provide a mixture of assessments, designing, training and coaching on-the-job in order to get it really going.

Based on our proven method, we can customize a programme through one or more of the following topics.

  • Sales (management) scan (internal)
  • Customer survey and in-dept feedback (external)
  • Common sales DNA
  • Marketing strategy
  • Segmentation and prospecting
  • Branding
  • Sales pitch and storytelling
  • Social selling and content marketing
  • Sales techniques and skills
  • Solution selling and value selling
  • Sales management and governance
  • Funnel management and forecasting
  • Sales effectiveness
  • Salesforce automation, CRM
  • Sales team formation, different sales roles
  • Personal development roadmap
  • Deal making and closing
  • Tendering
  • Internal sales development, inbound sales effectiveness

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Preparation & Planning

Norgey | Vision
Norgey | Proposition
Norgey | Route

Execution & Developing

Norgey | Leadership
Norgey | Sales
Norgey | Innovation

Depending on personal need and ambition, these products can be chosen separately or combined, with the corresponding topics composed into a customized approach. Like ‘plug and play’. In every case and for all mentioned topics, we can inspire, coach, facilitate and/or accelerate your way to a sustainable growing business and building a strong brand, giving our broad experience and reference material in all this matter.

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